Uric Acid Meter

If you owned a well calibrated uric acid meter, you could accurately monitor your own whole blood for uric acid levels. Too much uric acid in your system will lead to crystalline deposits, usually in your big toe. Gout was once called the rich man's disease. If you have it, you probably don't feel very wealthy.

Why would you want to own a uric acid meter? There are various reasons. For starters, a home uric acid meter is much more convenient than a day-long trek to the doctor's office and lab every time you need to know your levels. A home uric acid meter is also a lot more affordable than a laboratory test. When you monitor your own blood levels at home, there is never a risk that your test results will be inadvertently exchanged with the results belonging to someone else. We offer a home uric acid meter that is very easy to use. The automatic lance included with the starter kit makes it easy and almost painless to draw the small amount of blood required to do a uric acid level test. The lancing device is quick and the spring load means you don't hesitate at the thought of poking your own finger. Just let the automatic device do its job.

When you buy the starter kit, you get a medical quality uric acid meter, an automatic lancing device for drawing one drop of blood, twenty five lancets, and a supply of uric acid test strips. Yes, batteries are included and so is a handy carrying and storage case for your home uric acid meter. The meter may also be used to monitor glucose and cholesterol levels. Of course, different test strips are required. Order the three-in-one home test kit, and we'll include them. Don't spend more than you must in order to keep a close watch on your blood levels.

According to the staff at the Mayo Clinic, the signs and symptoms of gout are almost always acute, occurring suddenly and without warning. The sudden pain of gout can be enough to wake a person from their sleep. The signs and symptoms include intense joint pain and lingering discomfort. Typically, gout attacks the big toe, but it can also show itself in other parts of the foot, as well as in the ankles, knees, hands and wrists. The affected joint or joints become swollen, tender and red. The pain is usually most severe within the first twelve to twenty four hours after the onset of the attack. Can anything be done to prevent a gout attack? Probably. If you use an at-home uric acid meter and testing kit, you can carefully monitor the uric acid levels of your own blood. If you observe your levels going up, you can modify your diet and quite possibly deter a gout attack. Our at-home uric acid level test kit is user friendly and very easy to learn. A home blood uric acid meter is much more convenient than an all day trek to a doctor's office and lab every time you need to know your serum levels. Buy and use a Home Lab Diagnostics uric acid test starter pack, you receive a medical quality uric acid blood test meter, a lancing device for drawing blood, twenty five lancets, and a supply of test strips.
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